Chloé Alpert

Founder | Front-End Developer & Designer | Gemologist

I build mobile/eCommerce companies.
I write about startups, mobile commerce & AI.
I get paid to look at shiny rocks.

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I'm a technical and design-driven founder who loves numbers, understanding people and problem solving. I'm currently consulting with San Francisco based startups, enjoying lots of coffee chats, and running a few of my own projects. I'm also a certified gemologist and apprasier who grew up in a jewelry family, which means I can tell you more about rocks that you never wanted to know. Please feel free to tweet at me if you have something interesting you think I should read, want to connect, or share my passion for really good chats over coffee.

  • One of my current projects is Sàvon Body - Hard working bodies get a little dirty. We're here to help you get clean.
  • I recently led a team to a top 40 finish out of 250 teams at the 2016 LAUNCH Hackathon. We developed WeeVee - a personal AI bot designed to help guide you through events and conferences.
  • I like to make simple stuff that's useful like practice your VC pitch. It pulls questions from the Y Combinator & 500 Startups interview process to help you practice like the real thing.
  • I've been mentioned in a few books, including The Niche Movement by Kevin O'Connell, and spoke on a UC Berkeley panel about innovation & inclusion in the technology sector.
  • One of my learning projects is Regisiter - a cloud-based inventory management & Sales CRM software for vertically integrated consumer product companies.
  • In 2014 I was one of the youngest female founders to go through 500 Startups as the Founder & CEO of Teaman & Company - a 3D printed jewelry production startup. I led a team of six and raised venture funding.
  • I also served as a public relations manager at THON - the world's largest volunteer-run philanthropy. We raised over $7.9 million for paediatric cancer research & The Four Diamonds Fund in our fiscal year.
  • A long time ago I was the State President of Pennsylvania TSA - I was elected to represent over 20,000+ technology students in the State of Pennsylvania and lead a team of eight state officers. I also won 5 international competitions in technical design & imaging technologies.


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The push-pull paradigm shift.

Why are networks so powerful? Because networks control us. Networks control what we read, what opinions we’re exposed to, and the products we consume. To control the internet is to control humanity. The invention of the internet was a turning point in the creation of two types of network — bureaucratic networks and... Read more

The rise of Voice Commerce and how Voice Payments could replace advertising.

The natural next-step for conversational commerce is to break out of its existing chat-based UI, and evolve towards voice commerce UX... Voice commerce is still in late “novelty” stage for as far as implementation is concerned, but where it is poised to evolve commerce is in the paradigm shift it will create with advertising and customers... Read more

Why Facebook’s entry into the bot market will impact the future of mobile commerce.

Facebook’s recent announcement about its entry into the bot space is highly significant because it exposes people around the world to bots (aka micro apps) and artificial intelligence on a scale that other platforms simply aren’t able to. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are joining in, and it seems that the new rise and re-purposing of bots is coming... Read more

Networks, startup accelerators, and mental health.

Some of the qualities that makes a great entrepreneur are persistence, conviction, and hard work. Founders are told to fail fast, fail cheap, and sleeping under your desk is glorified as commitment to your cause. Fifty-percent of the first few years of your business is about survival and hacking your way to some form of sustainability... Read more

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