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I was born in the US, educated in England, and am now based in San Francisco, CA where I am currently focused on entrepreneurship and early-stage startups. I specialise in e-commerce and web-based consumer proudcts in brand, strategy, and product marketing.

I am the founder & CEO of Teaman & Company and we are the colored gemstone company. We’re the jeweler to the millennial generation, and we’re changing the way people buy luxury jewelry online. We are the destination for colored gemstone engagement rings & jewelry, and we’re giving our customers access to incredible jewelry and service that they have never seen before.

I started my first company when I was 12 years old, opened two stores, and have had a passion for business and problem-solving my entire life. I find the challenge of building, solving, and optimising a system fascinating. I am very design oriented, and my skillset includes the Full Adobe CS Suite (expert level), HTML5/CSS3, Liquid, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery and UX/UI expertise. My professional experiences span across a variety of fields, and whilst I am currently focused on my startup, I am always looking for new projects and entrepreneurial endeavours. I'm also very passionate about issues for women in technology, and always keen to speak and participate in relevant events. I'm readily available to travel to anywhere in the world. Please contact me if you're interested in working with me!

Professional Experience

Teaman & Company
7/2013–Present | San Francisco, CA
In 1947 a diamond was forever, but that was over 70 years ago.
It’s time to stop living in black and white.

Teaman & Company is the colored gemstone company. We’re the jeweler to the millennial generation, and we’re changing the way people buy luxury jewelry online. With our range of colored gemstone engagement rings & jewelry, we’re giving our customers access to incredible jewelry and service that they have never seen before.

It’s 2014. Dare to live in color.

•Batch 9 500 Startups $100,000 seed round.
•Revenue positive as of January 2014.
•UC Berkeley LAUNCH business competition 2014 1st place products & services winner.
•The Foundry at Citris Incubator 2014-2015 at UC Berkeley

Marketing Director,
9/2013–Present | San Francisco, CA + Las Vegas, NV
Developed brand and user outreach strategy across multiple platforms (Social Media, Blogging Campaign, B2B & Customer facing product marketing), and generated repository of over 8,000 unique bloggers for product campaigns and outreach.

Marketing & Community Development Internship at
5/2013–9/2013 | San Francisco, CA
Helped refine and execute online marketing strategy including brand and publisher outreach, developing community repository and cultivation strategy. Was instrumental in customer facing marketing campaigns, and running user conversation marketing strategies.

As of January 2014, PICT was acquired by Popsugar.

Marketing & Product Development Internship at Hatton Jewels
9/2013–10/2013 | London, United Kingdom
Developed, refined, and executed social media & initial online customer facing marketing strategy, and achieved a 3000% increase in online traffic, enabled tools for tracking and analysing customer funnel, traffic, visits and automated content schedules.

Helped manage product and inventory accounts for the Hatton Garden showing at the 2012 Hong Kong Jewellery & Trade show, which organised and sent over £80 million of inventory from London’s Top jewellers in Hong Kong, China.

Product Manager, Sharon Teaman Designs Jewelry
2005–2013 | USA + UK + China | Family Office
.Worked with suppliers from India, Australia, China, Brazil, Russia, Canada, in purchasing inventory and rough material.

.Wrote inventory appraisals, and graded/priced stones for retail distribution. .Worked with internal and external manufacturers for product inventory lines and outsource production. .Graded, selected and negotiated purchasing of fine pearls in 2006 trip to Shanghai, $30,000 in direct inventory sourcing.

Graphic Design Manager, Public Relations, at
August 2009–June 2010 | State College, PA
Graphic design & marketing in public relations for the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.

THON raised more than $8 million for paediatric cancer research and treatment at Penn State Children’s Hospital in 2009-2010.

Worked directly over 15,000 committee members and 300 managers, and helped lead and execute several unique marketing and social media campaigns, developing & founding the initial social marketing strategy.

Pennsylvania State President | Technology Student Association
2005 – 2009 (4 years)Pennsylvania, USA
Elected position to represent the 20,000+ technology and engineering Students in the state of Pennsylvania on local, state and international levels.

Oversaw the function of an elected team of eight state officers and committees, planned and coordinated the 12 regional conferences, the state conference, chaired the state business meetings (parliamentary procedure) and sat on the PATSA state board of directors.

Also Promoted STEM education in schools across the state, spoke at various education conferences including TEEAP & The PA Middle & High School Conferences, & CTSO, was the student representative of PATSA in the PA department of education and PA senate, and dealt with all business matters and amendments to the PATSA bylaws.

Teaman & Company

Teaman & Company Teaman & Company is setting out to becoming the new face of colored gemstone engagement rings and artisanal jewellery.

There is a barrier to entry for having a well-designed personal custom website that doesn't rely on a blogging or externally owned platofrm. creates custom parallax websites for personal and business use that are completely custom are delivered in three days or less, and start at $150. Our goal is to provide excellent, and professional design at an affordable price and an efficient speed.

The business model was inspired by Berkeley-based startup SpoonRocket, which is able to deliever good quality meals in under 10 minutes for $6. This speed and efficiency is due to a structured and limited option set (there are two dishes to choose from) gives clients a limited set of layout and service options (four) and they simply fill in the copy and resources they want in our order forms, and our designers put that information into the template structure, and send all of the original files to the client.

Clients can choose from a series of stock image backgrounds for their title page, or they can provide their own images. Clients are responsible for purchasing their own hosting and domain, but does offer an assistance serivce to help clients set up their site.


CMYK print. Taking the components of modern print design, and applying post-modern principles of deconstruction to create a poster series made up of the components of print. The final series was printed on clear acetate and layered in order to view the construction and deconstruction of the final image.


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I regularly travel between the United Kingdom and the United States, so please feel free to contact me by any means that suits your needs.
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